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INASAN Astrophysical Seminar

Head of the seminar – Bisikalo D. V.

Seminar Secretary – Akimkin V. V., Kurbatov E. P.

Seminar is held in the conference hall of the Institute at the following address: Moscow, Pyatnitskaya str., 48.

Guests INASAN need to request a pass.
To request a pass is possible until 16:00 on the day before the seminar on this page filling the form:

Date of seminar

The current seminar:

Astrophysical Seminar (21 February 2019, 11:00)

1) Speaker: Satya Mohapatra (LIGO Laboratory, MIT, USA) Title:  “The catalog of compact binary objects mergers detected by LIGO” Abstract: There have been discoveries of gravitational waves from the collisions of several binary black holes and from a collision of binary neutron star, observed by Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory. In this talk Satya Mohapatra will

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