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In 2003 aiming the streamlining and integration of resources of higher school and capacity of the RAS at the Institute of astronomy of RAS (INASAN) was created the Scientific Research And Educational Center of Experimental Astronomy. At the moment, the all the work in INASAN for finding, training and attracting talented young people to work in the RAS is carried out within the framework of the Center. For many years INASAN has been the basic Institute for a number of astronomy departments of Russian universities.

The main objectives of the Center include: training students at the INASAN observatories to work with advanced technologies of astronomical observations, teaching students and postgraduates the basics of theoretical astrophysics  and attracting students to work both on the space project “Spectrum-UV” developed at INASAN and on the topic “Asteroid-comet hazard”.

Postgraduate study of the Federal state budgetary institution of science Institute of astronomy of the Russian Academy of Sciences (INASAN) provides training of scientific personnel in the system of higher education in the direction 03.06.01 “Physics and astronomy” in two scientific specialties:


  • Astrometry and celestial mechanics (passport of scientific specialty)
  • Astrophysics and stellar astronomy (passport of scientific specialty)
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