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For children

Traditionally, the work with schoolchildren is one of the most important activities of the Center. To a large extent, this activity is concentrated in the Zvenigorod Observatory of INASAN, which has all the conditions for conduction the observations and is at the same time is conveniently located and easily accessible at any time of the year. In particular, in 2015, the Center carried out the following activities:

  • On the basis of the agreement for scientific and technological cooperation between INASAN and the Moscow City Children and Youth Center for Creative Activities (former Young Pioneer Palaces), astronomical classes with members of Astronomical Clubs and a College by MCCaYCfCA were conducted in Zvenigorod Observatory INASAN regularly (during the holidays and on weekends). There were 4 excursions and practical classes for them.
  • In April and September 2015, traditional Open Days were held at the Zvenigorod Observatory of INASAN. For 4 days the Observatory was visited by about 500 people. The guided tours on the Observatory, lectures and classes for children were organized for the guests.
  • Cooperation with the Moscow Astronomical Club continues.
  • More than 500 schoolchildren and students attended the educational excursions at the Zvenigorod Observatory of INASAN.
  • The Institute of Astronomy of the Russian Academy of Sciences collaborates with the Astronomical Club of the Children Center for Creative Activities in Zvenigorod. In the Zvenigorod Observatory of INASAN, visiting classes of the Club were conducted. The employees of the Institute used to be members of the jury of the annual City Scientific-Practical Conference for primary school students organized by the Astronomical Club. The head of the Club actively participates in the Festival “Open Days at the Zvenigorod Observatory INASAN”.
  • Employees of INASAN give lectures for schoolchildren and teachers in schools and gymnasiums of Moscow.
  • The employees of INASAN are actively involved in the work of the Moscow Planetarium: 4 employees of the INASAN are the guides of the Planetarium, 3 employees of the INASAN are members of the Scientific Council of the Planetarium. In 2015, the staff of INASAN both gave popular science lectures within the framework of “Tribune of the Scientist” and “Smaller Tribune of the Scientist” programs, and a series of lectures for an Astronomical Club.
  • Employees of INASAN are members of the Academic Council of the Yaroslavl Planetarium of the Center named after. V. Tereshkova.
  • In 2015, the staff of INASAN read popular science lectures both in the Planetarium of the Cultural center of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation (Moscow), the Planetarium of the Siberian State Geodetic Academy (Novosibirsk), as well as in the Planetariums of Novosibirsk, Kazan, Kashira, Yaroslavl, Nizhny Novgorod and in the Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics (the lecture series “Knowledge is power”), the Museum “Experimentarium” (Moscow), Yekaterinburg nuclear energy information center and within the framework of the Festival of science of the Yaroslavl region.
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