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Organizational activity

INASAN participates in two programs of basic research of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The Section «Extra-atmospheric Astronomy» of the Space Council of the Russian Academy of Sciences and similar section of the Complex Science-Technology Council of Roscosmos are based on the Institute . Scientists from the Institute carry out intensive coordinating activities in the frame of the Expert Working Group on Space Threats of the Space Council of the RAS.

INASAN is the leading institution of the project “Russian Virtual Observatory (RVO)”. This project is the Russian component of the global project “International Virtual Observatory” that unifies astronomical archives and databases distributed over the world, instruments for data analysis and computational facilities into a common environment.

The Institute also participates in implementation and coordination of several scientific programs in the field of space geodynamics, geodesy and practical utilization of observations of artificial satellites.

On the basis of the Institute of Astronomy of the RAS the National Committee of Russian Astronomer is working. Scientist from INASAN participate in organizational activities of commissions and subdivision of IAU.

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