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Main research areas

The Institute conducts fundamental, exploratory and applied researches in the following areas:

  • physics of stellar atmospheres;
  • theoretical problems of physics and evolution of stars, stellar systems and interstellar medium;
  • the study of non-stationary stars;
  • physics of gravitating star and planetary systems;
  • study of exoplanets;
  • data support of astronomical researches (astronomical data banks);
  • theoretical and applied problems of astrometry, geodynamics and geophysics;
  • methods of observation of artificial and natural celestial bodies;
  • space research, ground-based support for space projects;
  • the problem of asteroid and comet hazards

These activities correspond to Section II ” Physical Sciences”, subsection 16 «Modern problems of astronomy, astrophysics and investigation of space including origin, structure and evolution of the Universe, nature of dark matter and dark energy, investigation of the Moon and stars, the Sun and solar-terrestrial relations, investigation of exoplanets and search for extra-terrestrial civilizations, development of methods and instrumentation for space astronomy and space research, coordinate-time provision of fundamental investigations and applied tasks» of the Program of Fundamental Research of State Academies of Science for 2013 – 2020

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