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In 2003, the Research and Educational Center for Experimental Astronomy was established at the Institute of Astronomy of the Russian Academy of Sciences (INASAN) in order to streamline the work and integrate higher education resources and the potential of the Russian Academy of Sciences. At the moment, all the work in INASAN in identifying, training and attracting talented youth to the RAS is carried out within the Center. For many years, INASAN has been a basic institution for a number of astronomy departments at Russian universities. The main tasks of the Center include: teaching students to work with advanced astronomical observation technologies at the INASAN observatories, teaching students and graduate students the basics of theoretical astrophysics, and also engaging students to work on the WSO-UV space project being developed in INASAN, as well as to work on subject “Asteroid-comet hazard”.

The partners of the Center are the departments of leading universities of Russia.

All employees of the Center for Experimental Astronomy are highly qualified scientists and have global prestige in their field. This guarantees a high level of research work carried out on each topic, as well as the novelty and world level of the tasks that students, graduate students, doctoral students and young scientists work on at the Center

•In 2017, 35 employees of INASAN participated in the activities of the Research and Educational Center of INASAN. The total number of students enrolled at the base of INASAN was about 100 people.
•The postgraduate program is available at INASAN. During 2015, 16 people studied in the graduate school of INASAN (11 full-time and 5 in absentia). For the postgraduate students of INASAN, the REC staff developed programs for general and special lecture courses corresponding to the directions of the postgraduate study. In addition to lectures for postgraduate students of INASAN, practical exercises related to conducting observations are conducted. For these studies, the Research and Educational Center for Experimental Astronomy of the Institute of Astronomy of the Russian Academy of Sciences uses the astronomical equipment of the Zvenigorod Observatory INASAN and the Terskol branch of INASAN. These are modern observatories equipped with telescopes of various sizes (the maximum is one of the largest 2-m telescope in Russia) and radiation detectors. In addition, these branches have equipment for space monitoring. To provide theoretical work, the INASAN supercomputer cluster is used, which includes 30 nodes.
• In 2017, 3 Ph.D. theses were defended by the staff of INASAN.
• The staff supervises graduate and coursework of the students.
• An annual conference of young scientists is conducted every autumn.
• INASAN is a co-organizer of the annual winter student astronomical conference “Physics of Space” (over 100 participants annually).
• Students and graduate students participating in the preparation of space experiments are given the opportunity to use the equipment of the space project “WSO-UV”.
• Students, graduate students, doctoral students and young scientists are necessarily involved in research work on the joint topics of the INASAN and the departments. The work is carried out under the guidance of the Center staff.
• Within the framework of the Center, active publicity work is carried out. Particular attention is paid to the training of students. INASAN is a member of the “Academic Class” program of the Department of Education of the Government of Moscow. There is an active cooperation with astronomical associations of the Center of Children’s Art of Zvenigorod.
• INASAN employees are included in the program board of the Astrofest annual astronomy festival and regularly participate in the jury of various scientific competitions for schoolchildren.
• INASAN regularly works on responses to citizens’ letters.
• Center employees actively interact with the media, regularly participate in programs on astronomical topics on radio and television, and answer questions from the public on the Internet news sites. Every year a lot of television filming is conducted in INASAN and in studios on astronomical themes with performances by INASAN employees (more info).

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