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Seminar Minor bodies of the Solar system (31.05.2017, 15:00)

Опубликовано: 31/05/2017

Date: 31.05.2017., 15:00

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1. Speaker: S.S. Efimov (MIPT), Dr. D.A.Pritykin (MIPT), Dr. V.V.Sidorenko (Keldysh Institute, MIPT) 

Title: “Attitude motion of large space debris in sun-synchronous orbits: simulation of long-term evolution.”


Space debris is becoming an increasingly serious problem for any activity in near space. Forecasts indicate only the worsening of the situation if no measures will be taken to clean the near-Earth environment from at least the largest and most dangerous objects of space debris. To form a strategy for capturing large objects and planning further dynamic operations, we must have an idea of the typical parameters of the attitude motion of these objects.

We present the results of mathematical simulation of the attitude motion of large objects of space debris in solar-synchronous orbits (SSO). Since the density of debris in the area of SSO has a maximal value, the objects in SSO belong to the primary candidates for removal. The developed model of attitude motion takes into account the influence of the gravity gradient torques and the eddy currents torques induced by geomagnetic field. Internal energy dissipation via deformable elements and residual
propellant are also taken into account.

This work was supported by RFBR, grant 17-01-00902 Simulation of the attitude motion of large-sized space debris objects

2. Speaker: Dr. Klyuikov A.A. (INASAN) 

Title: “Determination of attitude gradiometry system coordinate respect inertial space.”


Determination of parameters gravity field Earth execute from processing data of sensors. In paper describe the algorithm of determination attitude parameters gradiometry system coordinate respect inertial space from data of star camera.