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Minor bodies of the Solar system (26.10.2016, 15:00)

Опубликовано: 25/10/2016

Date: 26.10 2016., 15:00

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Speaker: Khamroev Umed, Institute of Astrophysics of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tajikistan.

Title: Asteroid-meteoroid complex of Sigma-Capricornids.


Investigation of physical and dynamical features of the Sigma-Capricornid meteoroids by the results of observations as well the determination of NEAs associated with this stream is the main purpose of this work. Observations of the Sigma-Capricornid fireballs were carried out by the fireball network of the IA Ac.Sci. RT. As a result of processing of corresponding fireballs records the trajectories, radiants, velocities, orbits, masses and densities of fireball producing meteoroids of this shower were determined, and their cometary nature was shown. The stream producing this shower is associated with NEA Adonis. Three new NEAs were found among asteroids which were discovered during 2008-13. Investigation of orbital evolution has also shown related link of these NEAs with the Sigma-Capricornid stream. A common cometary origin of the objects under consideration was suggested. Thus, asteroid-meteoroid complex of NEOs Sigma-Capricornids consists of the meteoroid stream producing four meteor showers, and several large sized objects presenting extinct fragments of a comet-progenitor of the stream.


Speaker: Bakhtigaraev N.S., INASAN.

Title: On the restoration of the Zeiss-1000 telescope  in  Sanglokh  Observatory (Institute of astrophysics of the Academy of  Sciences of  the  Republic of Tajikistan)  and plans for joint scientific research.

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