Астрофизический семинар ИНАСАН № 95 (19 апреля 2005 г., 11:00)

Опубликовано: 19/04/2005

Докладчик: И.Чилингарян (CRAL Observatoire de Lyon (France), ГАИШ МГУ), P.Prugniel(CRAL Observatoire de Lyon, GEPI Observatoire de Paris-Meudon (France)), О.Сильченко(ГАИШ МГУ), В.Афанасьев(САО РАН)

Название доклада: “3D Spectroscopic Studies of dE galaxies”

Краткое содержание доклада:
What is the origin of the numerous population of diffuse elliptical galaxies (dE) in clusters? These galaxies formed their stars several billion years ago and lost their gas. Though the stellar winds resulting from star formation and the interactions with the environment undoubtly play a role, their respective role and details of the mechanism of this evolution is still debated. In this presentation we will review the first 3D spectroscopic observations of a handful of dE galaxies. These data reveal complex kinematical structures, with embedded disks and counter rotating cores, and they open extremely promising perspectives for studying the history of the stellar population throughout these various features. The history of the population can be inferred from the spectra using inversion methods based on population synthesis at high spectral resolution. The presence of disks, which was already known from detailed image analysis, and of complex kinematics and the new constraints on the stellar population enforce the hypothesis of the evolutionary connection between dEs and disk galaxies.

Докладчик: И.Чилингарян (CRAL Observatoire de Lyon (France), ГАИШ МГУ)

Название доклада: “Spectra in VO. SED Data Model and its evolvment toward 3D Data Model”

Краткое содержание доклада:
SED Data Model is a result of a joint effort of the IVOA DM and DAL working groups. Its main purpose is to provide an abstract and general description of 1D spectra, though it allows to deal with time series and spectrophotometric data as well. We are making a review of a present status of the SED DM and raise a couple of questions important for real scientific usage of this standard. One of the important tasks, discussed in the DAL and DM WG now is a way to describe 3-dimensional datasets. 3D spectroscopy is a rapidly developing area of a modern astrophysical experiment, but no standard exists now for dealing with 3D data in the VO. We started cooperation with Euro3D consortium in order to define such a standard, and prepare first demonstration of accessing and visualizing 3D data in the VO by the end of 2005. One of the ways is to extend SED Data Model, the second one is to use more general Characterization Data Model. We shall discuss these two possibilities and make a comparison between two approaches.

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