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Officers, Committees, and Working Groups (2006-2009)

President Steven R. FEDERMAN (USA)
Vice President Glenn M. WAHLGREN (USA)
Scientific Organizing Committee

Our commission’s usual practice is for a member to serve for six years. Exceptions are made for officers.
The number in parentheses is the year service on the Organizing Committee began.

Milan DIMITRIJEVIC Serbia (2006)
Steven R. FEDERMAN USA (2000) Vice President, 2003-2006; President, 2006-2009
Alain JORISSEN Belgium (2006)
Sveneric JOHANSSON SWE (1994) Vice President, 2000-2003; President, 2003-2006
Lyudmilla MASHONKINA Russia (2006)
Farid SALAMA USA (2006)
Jonathan TENNYSON UK (2006)
Ewine van DISHOECK Netherlands (2006)
Glenn M. WAHLGREN USA (2003) Secretary, 2003-2006; Vice President, 2006-2009
Working Groups
1. Atomic Data G. NAVE G.M. WAHLGREN, J. FUHR
2. Collision Processes G. PEACH M. S. DIMITRIJEVIC, P.C. STANCIL
3. Molecular Data J. BLACK
4. Solids and Their Surfaces G. VIDALI