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Астрофизический семинар ИНАСАН № 185 (3 декабря 2009 г., 11:00)

Опубликовано: 03/12/2009

Докладчик: Н.Е.Пискунов

Название доклада: “Atomic and molecular data for astrophysics: VALD3 and VAMDC projects”

Краткое содержание доклада:
We recent advances in modeling of various astrophysical objects there is a renewed interest in generating synthetic observables as a mean to verify the models against the real data. Advanced models and synthetic observables both requires accurate atomic and molecular data in other of solve the equation of state and the radiative transfer equation. Uppsala University and INASAN are heavily involved in preparations of the two major tools for providing such data. I will discuss the structure and the content of the new version of the Vienna Atomic Data Base (VALD) and a new European project: the Virtual Atomic and Molecular Data Center (VAMDC) which will be a universal interface to VALD are all other European data depositories. I will also show a few examples to practical applications of the VALD.

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