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Astrophysical Seminar (28 January 2021, 11:00)

Опубликовано: 25/01/2021

The seminar will be held online

1) Speaker: F. Pace (University of Bologna, Italy)

Title:  “Theory & Phenomenology of gravity beyond LCDM”

Abstract: Cosmological research is driven by increasingly more accurate data sets which confirm, at high degree of confidence, the standard LCDM cosmological model. However, this high-quality data show some problems which are not easy to explain and after two decades of research do not shed any light on what the cosmological constant is, nor can solve the problems inherent to the models. Hence, alternative models have been proposed.
In this talk, I will provide a brief overview of the current understanding of the universe and in the light of precision cosmology. I will present the theoretical techniques used to understand cosmic dynamics and the evolution of the perturbations, both at linear and non-linear level. For both cases, I will show some results of my recent and current scientific investigation.


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