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Астрономические данные Ресурсы, создаваемые с участием ЦАД Пополняемые ресурсы База данных двойных и кратных звезд BDB Каталог затменных двойных звезд CEV База данных фотопластинок Звенигородской обсерватории Список идентификаторов двойных и кратных звезд ILB   Некоторые каталоги в VizieR X-ray and radio sources in binaries (Malkov+, 2015) Catalogue of bright IDS stars (Lipaeva+, 2014) Catalog of

Methods of parametrization. Interstellar Extinction

Study of the interstellar extinction in the Galaxy. Development of parametrization methods for the stars. We study possibilities to parameterize stars and interstellar medium from multicolor photometry performed in modern photometric surveys (GALEX, SDSS, 2MASS, WBVR, etc.). For this purpose, we have developed a method to estimate stellar radius from effective temperature and gravity with

Group of Physics of stellar and planetary systems

Main fields of research Staff   Head of the group Full Dr. Polyachenko Eugeny V. MAIN FIELDS OF RESEARCH   Investigation of the composition, kinematics and dynamical evolution of the galaxies. Study of the spiral structure of the galaxies. Development of the theory of stability of gravitating systems. Investigation of hydrodynamic instabilities in astrophysics. Study

Centre for Astronomical Data

Main fields of research and results Staff Head of the group Dr. Dluzhnevskaya Olga B. MAIN FIELDS OF RESEARCH Development of the methods of parametrization of the stars; investigation of the stellar extinction in the Milky Way. Study of binary and multiple stars; creation, development, support and management of the astronomical catalogues and databases. Development

Department of physics of stellar systems

Main fields of research Staff                   Head of department Full Dr. Malkov Oleg Yu. STRUCTURE OF THE DEPARTMENT Group of Physics of Stellar and planetary systems (head of the group, Full Dr. of Sci. Polyachenko Eugeny V.) Centre for Astronomical Data (head of the group, Dr. Dluzhnveskaya