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Seminar Minor bodies of the Solar system (13.11.2019, 15:00)

Опубликовано: 08/11/2019

Date: 13.11.2019., 15:00

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1. Report by Dr. Kuzin S.P. Report of the research work «ВызовПерспектива-3-ИНАСАН-2»” 

The report is devoted to the substantiationand development of proposals on the structure and composition of a promising global system for monitoring geodetic parameters of the Earth, as well as thejustificationof the technical specificationsof the systemand the development of the conceptual proposals on the appearance of the proposed system. 

2. Report by Barkova Mariya. E. (JSC «RSS») “Technique of the choice of parameters and modes of functioning of solar space power plant”  

There portside voted to problem sofuse of alternative energy sources, in particular the solar space power plant (SSPP). It consists of two segments: transferring and accepting. The transferring segment of SSPP has space basing and represents orbital group of the spacecrafts capable to accumulate energy onboard and to broadcast it to Earth by means of the laser channel. The accepting segment of SSPPcan represent as spacecraft, in distress, and systems of rektennas, located in the territory of Russia. Rektenn are presents the nonlinear antenn acapable to transform laser radiation to electricenergy. The orbits developed by the author a technique of the choice taking into account losses of power at broadcast of energy, a technique of the choice of an arrangement of rektennasin the territory of Russia, a way of synchronization of the transferring and accepting SSPP segments are considered.