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Семинар Малые тела Солнечной системы (31.10.2018, 15:00)

Опубликовано: 30/10/2018

1. Repot by N.S. Bakhtigaraev and P.A. Levkina (INASAN)

“Results of exploratory observations of small-sized space debris at the Terskol observatory”

 In the framework of the international program “Astronomy in the Elbrus region” with the telescope Zeiss-2000 of Terskol observatory research of space debris objects is carried out. One of the directions of research is the study of the population of the geostationary region of space by small fragments. In photometric nights, up to five previously unobserved small fragments are usually detected. Monitoring of small particles in near-Earth space allows studying the population of certain space areas by man-made bodies, which is especially important for the consequences of explosions and destructions. The report provides data on some small fragments discovered in 2018.


2. Report Dr. P.A. Levkina and E.S. Bakanas (INASAN)

“On the last All-Russian Astrometry Conference “Pulkovo-2018”

The All-Russian Astrometric Conference “Pulkovo-2018” was held at the Main (Pulkovo) Astronomical Observatory of the Russian Academy of Sciences on October 1-5, 2018. The participants presented about a hundred oral and poster presentations on the following topics:

  •  Ground-based and space astrometry,
  •  Earth’s rotation and geodynamics,
  •  Ephemeris astronomy, dynamics of the Solar and exoplanet systems,
  •  Stellar astronomy; kinematics and dynamics of the Galaxy,
  •  Methods, techniques, and data for astrometry and geodynamics,
  •  History of astronomy.

The report summarizes the main results of the Сonference.

3. Report by Kruchkov S.V., Dr. Barabanov S.I., Nikolenko I.V., Dr. Volkov I.M., Dr. Sergeev A.V.

Quasi-simultaneous photometric and spectrometric observations of asteroid 25916 and their analysis results are presented

 We present the spectral and photometrical of 2001CP44 = 25916 NEO asteroid which were conducted with the help of 2-m Zeiss telescope situated on peak Terscol (Caucasus, mt. Elbrus) and 1-m Zeiss mt. Koshka (Crimea) cassegrain.