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Seminar Minor bodies of the Solar system (29.11.2017, 15:00)

Опубликовано: 28/11/2017

Date: 29.11.2017., 15:00

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1. Speakers: Dr Dorofeeva V.A. 




The report summarizes the results of studies of the Saturn system by spacecraft Voyager 1, Voyager 2, Pioneer 11, Cassini-Huygens, as well as ground-based telescopes, their significance for cosmochemistry, cosmogony, and for
cosmobiology. Particular attention is paid to the features of the internal structure and composition of the regular satellites of Titan and Enceladus, the possibility of a genetic connection of the matter of these satellites with a cometary substance is shown.

2. Speakers: Dr. Makalkin A.B. (Schmidt Institute of Physics
of the Earth RAS)

Title: To the centenary of Viktor Sergeevich Safronov


Viktor Sergeevich Safronov, who was born 100 years ago, is one of the largest and most famous specialists of the 20th century in the field of planetary cosmogony – the science on the formation of planets, satellites and minor bodies. His theory became widely known in the world, owing to his book “Evolution of the Preplanetary Cloud and the Formation of the Earth and the Planets”, translated by order of NASA in 1972 and having a well-deserved popularity abroad to the present, as  follows from the huge number of references to it in modern scientific literature and its views on the Internet. A number of the most important results and achievements of V.S. Safronov received confirmation and retained their importance until now, despite the fact that many extrasolar planetary systems that are very unlike our solar system have been discovered.

3. Report by L.V. Rykhlova and E.S. Bakanas (INASAN) “About results of International Conference “Near-Earth astronomy 2017″