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Seminar Minor bodies of the Solar system (28 June 2017, 15:00)

Опубликовано: 23/06/2017

Speaker: B.M. Shustov (INASAN)

Title: “Meteorites and their ‘parents’ as witnesses of the evolution of the Solar System, threat and resource for the future”

Abstract: The introductory talk is devoted to a very broad list of subjects, but all the topics discussed are closely related. The goal is to show how important is the consistent study of meteorites, asteroids and comets for building the comprehensive picture of evolution of the Solar System, what progress has been made in this direction and what major problems are still waiting for the solution (for young scientists to note). Brief information is provided on the progress in solving the problem of asteroid-comet hazard (based on the materials of the on Planetary Defence Conference 2017). Special attention is paid to promising research on the development of methods and means for using the resources of small bodies of the Solar System.

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