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Seminar Minor bodies of the Solar system (26.04.2017, 15:00)

Опубликовано: 20/04/2017

Date: 26.04.2017., 15:00

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Speaker: Chuvashov Ivan Nikolaevich (TSU)

Title: “Numerical simulation of the problems of satellite orbital dynamics using parallel computations.”


The report presents the results that allow, based on measurements, to determine the parameters of the light pressure force model for GNSS objects (Global Navigation Satellite Systems). The features of the orbital evolution of a space debris fragment in the geostationary region (GEO) according to four-year optical observations are studied. Several methods for taking into account radiation pressure have been proposed, which make it possible to more accurately represent observations. An algorithm for predicting collisions of space debris objects with operating devices and with each other, based on the construction of confidence areas of motion, was developed and studied on model measurements.