Астрофизический семинар ИНАСАН № 175 (25 июня 2009 г., 11:00)

Опубликовано: 25/06/2009

Докладчик: Nikolai Tomov (Institute of Astronomy, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences)

Название доклада: “Loss of mass by the symbiotic binary Z And during its outburst at the end of 2002”

Краткое содержание доклада:
High resolution observations in the region of the lines Halpha, HeII 4686 and Hgamma of the spectrum of the symbiotic binary Z And were performed during its small-amplitude brightening at the end of 2002. The behaviour of some components of these lines is interpreted with emission mainly of an optically thin accretion disc, and the behaviour of other their components – with emission of stellar wind. The mass-loss rate of the hot compact secondary in the system at the time of the maximal light was estimated.

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